The Self Service Group

Self-service kiosks provide a more efficient and effective way of doing business. In many cases, a substantial initial investment is often required to ensure the kiosk implementation process is successful. However, for some companies, due to their business model or because the kiosk solution they require is only needed for a specific period of time, investment in the purchase of equipment might not be the best option. The Self Service Group was created to provide an alternative for these companies.

The Self Service Group provides customized kiosk solutions as well as specialized support services.

Our services include:

  • Kiosk Hardware and/or Software Financing
  • Kiosk Hardware and/or Software Installation
  • Kiosk Hardware and/or Software Service and Maintenance
  • Development of customized Kiosk Software
  • Cash collection and card transactions


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MARCH 2017

SSG MSA, Inc. removes the barriers to Kiosk Implementation

SSG MSA, Inc., also known as the Self Service Group, provides partners with all that is needed to successfully introduce and support self-service solutions for their customers.  This includes a comprehensive consultative process based on years of experience in the industry, ensuring that their clients receive fully functional and supported kiosk hardware and software, customized to their needs, with manageable payment options along with specialized support services.

The company’s suite of services includes personalized equipment financing, complete on-site installation and a comprehensive service and maintenance agreement. The Self Service Group was started by three industry veterans, Jim Brinton, CEO of Avanti Markets, Peter te Lintel Hekkert and Michael Masone, President and Vice President of Sales, respectively, at SlabbKiosks. Together, they have over 30 years of experience, having worked on thousands of kiosk projects for various industries; all of which included the design, manufacture and delivery of over 10,000 customized kiosk units, worldwide.

“Having run a kiosk business for several years, it became obvious to us that there was a niche in the market that wasn’t being fulfilled,” commented Peter te Lintel Hekkert, one of the investors in the business and President of the well-known kiosk manufacturing company, SlabbKiosks. “Investment in the purchase of equipment might not be the best option for many companies, either due to their business model or because the kiosk solution they require is only needed for a specific period of time. SSG MSA, Inc. was created to provide a financially manageable all-in-one service, from hardware and software design and deployment to financing and maintenance of same.”

Businesses interested in learning more about the company’s services can visit The company provides comprehensive consultation with a fast and easy application process. Clients can choose from an extensive line of kiosk models or get customized solutions at an affordable, all-inclusive, monthly cost.