Kiosk Financing

We offer affordable kiosk financing with:

  • Low Rates & Flexible Terms
  • One Monthly Cost
  • An Easy Application Process
  • Fast Approvals
  • New or Used Kiosk Hardware and/or Software
  • Dedicated Account Management

We provide high quality, vandal-resistant kiosk hardware through our partner, SlabbKiosks. SlabbKiosks has been manufacturing kiosks for over 15 years and is well-known as an industry leader, having supplied high quality kiosks for thousands of clients in over 150 countries. Their experience includes kiosk customization for over 22 different sectors in six of the seven continents.

Businesses can choose from standard kiosk models including the SlabbKiosks C- and X-series or receive a free consultation to discuss specific customization requirements.

Call us to find out more about the kiosk models we provide or how we can provide a customized solution for your specific business needs – 866-289-6041.