Service & Maintenance

All of our products, whether kiosk hardware or software are covered by a comprehensive service level agreement. Our highly qualified engineers have a deep understanding and intimate knowledge of the kiosk models and software we provide and can perform almost any type of kiosk hardware and software maintenance that is needed. The kiosk units are designed to move effortlessly which facilitates easy access and maintenance. We ensure they remain in good working condition for the duration of your lease through regular monitoring and servicing.

Our maintenance includes:

  • Preventive/Remedial Maintenance
  • Secure Fax and ATM Maintenance
  • Legacy Mainframe System Maintenance
  • Remote Monitoring and Monthly System Health Checks

Services include:

  • End User Support
  • Manned telephone support
  • Monitored email support
  • Remote assistance using Remote Desktop and a Virtual Private Network where available
  • Planned or Emergency Onsite assistance
  • Cash collection and card transactions


Contact one of our specialists to find out our Service and Maintenance Terms and Conditions: 866-289-6041.